Importance of Backlinks In SEO : Quality Backlinks

SEO is a process for rank a website higher in search engines.SEO is essential for all type of websites for better rank.I think SEO is the basic need for a website.SEO process further divided in to two categories that is ON page SEO and OFF Page SEO.In this post I am going you to explain about the Backlinks.Backlinks are comes under Off page technique.I think backlinks are the most important part of our SEO startegies.
What determines your position on search engine results pages (SERPs)? 
“Its not anything you put on the site, but rather how well you convince others to link to you.”
I am talking about only quality backlinks not about all links that your site have.Now a question comes in everyone’s mind that :
What is quality backlinks?
“A quality backlink is the backlink that is connect to your website using your keywords or a single keyword phrase.And the main thing is it needs to be appear on a website that have similar content topic like yours.”
I think quality backlinks helps so much a website to rank fast on search engines.Now I am going to discuss the techniques from where we can get quality backlinks.Some of these are as follows:
1.Article Marketing
2.Press Releases.
3.Guest Blogging.
4.Blog Commenting.
5.Link Exchange.
6.Blog Commenting.
7.Document Sharing.
8.Profile Links (High PR sites)
I am using all these techniques.But I like blog commenting technique so much.And I am going to explain this technique with you step by step:
Firstly we need to make query according to our search term.Suppose we need to find blog comments sites for “web design” keyphrase.Example of query for this search term: “web design” “Leave A Reply” “url” “[1..1000 comments]”
We can make many queries like this according to our requirement.We need to search this query on or any Google according to country.From this you can get all posts related to your topic.The another way which one I am using is this site you can search your topic in search box and you can get latest post related to your topic from all over the world.But keep in mind your comment would related to the post where will you do a comment.What do you think about Backlinks :Are they important or not? Please share your reviews in comments.

Windows 10 Release Date,Specification :Everything You Need to Know

Hii Everyone I am here again with my new post which is related to a recent update from Microsoft.I have got a news that Microsoft going to release Windows 10 in July 2015.Windows 10 is a upcoming operating system that is developed by Microsoft.Microsoft is an American multinational technology company as you all know.Microsoft have stopped Windows XP support from 8th April also.But now they comes with an updated version and I think it will be an advanced version and all users will get lot of benefits from it.When I have got this news then I have make a search on it and found that this upgrade will free for Windows 7/8.1 users which are confirmed from the company for the first year.Take a look on technical preview of Windows 10:

Windows 10
Windows 10’s user interface is an evolution of Window 8’s.Windows 10 add a revision of the desktop start menu and a virtual desktop system.Windows 10 will introduce new technologies in it.The main feature it will contains in it,it can harmonizing user experiences and functionality between different classes of devices.Windows 10 will be available in seven main editions.These editions are as follows:
1.Windows 10 Home
2.Windows 10 Pro
3.Windows 10 Enterprise
4.Windows 10 Education
5.Windows 10 Mobile
6.Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
7.Windows 10 IoT Core
These all editions consist different features in them.I am exited to use Windows 10.You can also share your reviews in comments.

Get Ready For Google’s Next Update “Mobilegeddon”

Hii today i am here with a latest news that is important for all webmasters.Google recently announce that from 21st April they are expanding their use of mobile friendliness like a ranking signal.This change is called “Mobilegeddon”.This major change will affect mobile searches worldwide and little bit our search results also affected by this.From April 21, sites that are not mobile friendly rank lower in search results then  other sites which are mobile friendly.If your site is not mobile friendly and your competitor’s site is mobile friendly then your competitor gain more ranking then your site,because mobile searches won’t be able to find you easily.

mobile freindly
Now a  question arise in everyone’s mind that “how can i check my site is mobile friendly or not?”.The answer for this question is a tool “Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool” from here you can check that your site or a webpage is mobile friendly or not.But this tool is only test or analyze a single page or URL at a time.If you want to check a large site then you can use Google webmaster Tools.Google webmaster tool provide you details analysis for your site.I think that if a business wants to keep their presence on Google’s search then it is important that their website is mobile friendly or not.It is the time to do mobile friendly SEO as well as traditional SEO.Use different content for both versions beacuse you already know that content is the king for SEO.Please share your views in comments i am waiting for your views.

Google to Shut Down Gtalk on February 16

Hii Everyone Today i am here with a sad news from Google that they shut down the Gtalk on February 16 for Chrome hangout.Millions of users have been using Gtalk from long time and they feel comfortable with it.This is a sad news for all of Gtalk users,me to.But Google offer hangout for use in place of Gtalk,Hangout is the future of Google.
Every Gtalk users feel sad by hear or see this news because Gtalk was an important or easy app for use.But after five days we don’t able to use this app.Like all good things,Gtalk will become history,we all remember this useful app. Hangout is also an great app.Hangout Google wants to make instant messaging; interactive and visual appealing experience.Bye bye Gtalk we’ll always remember Gtalk as an useful App.Please share your expression in comments for this sad news.

Blogger Privacy And Pemissions

Hii Everyone today i am here with my new post about Blogging.Blogging is an popular process in Today’s world of internet.But their is so many techniques that makes the blogging more easy,simple,unique and private also.Today i will also discuss a technique that makes blogging private.Everyone know that our blog is by defaullt public,means anyone can read it on the internet.But if you want to make it private then blogger also provide this option for you.For this you can simply follow these steps:

Step-1:-Login to your blogger account.

Step-2:-Go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic.

Step-3:- Under Permissions category you can find Blog Readers section.

Blogger Privacy
Step-4:- In this section you have to choose private option that you want and you are done.You can add readers by Add Readers button here by enter the email of the person.See the image above.

By these simple steps you can make your blog private for yourself or for your friends also.By click on “Add Readers” button you can add multiple emails separated by commas to add multiple peoples.Each address entered by you take an access to your blog.I hope this post helps many bloggers in blogging.If you have any query or suggestion then you are welcome in comments.

Post on Blogger By Simple Send An Email

Hiii Welcome all of you my new blogger page “Blogging Techniques” .Today i am here with my new blog post that is on blogging.In early in the morning when i log on my blogger profile for posting a post then i found this amazing Blogging technique for post on blogger.By this simple technique we are able to post on blogger by only send an email to your blogger email.For this simply follow these steps:

Step1-Login to your Blogger Account.

Step2-Go to Your Blogger Dashboard  > Settings.

Step3-In Settings click on Mobile and email.

Step4-Click on Posting using email.Set you email address and Select  “Publish email immediately”.See the image below.

You are done.Now you can send email to your blogger email address(that is set by you),your post appears on your blog. This is an amazing technique for post on blogger when you are busy,and you have no time for personally post on blog.I hope this post helps all bloggers in posting.So please also share your Blogging techniques in comments.

MIcrosoft to end Windows XP Support

Today i am here with my new post that is totally based on Windows XP.Microsoft support windows XP from 12 years.From 8th April Microsoft stop this support.If your computer’s O.S.[Operating System] is Windows XP then be careful.If you got a virus in Windows XP you will not get help from next month.
                                                        From next month Microsoft not provide any updated software for Windows XP.Microsoft  support this O.S. from 12 years,generally this is not more than five years for any technology.At present there are 40 billion companies which are working on Windows XP based PC.Most of the customers move for Windows 7 or Windows 8.At present Banks and public companies working with Windows XP but in future there will be much trouble.At present Microsoft have three operating system and Microsoft becoming difficulty to support all of three.From 8th April Microsoft would withdraw from the system and hackers hack Windows XP based systems easily.So be careful about this.


Facebook Messenger Stop Their Service

Today i am here with my new post that is on Facebook messenger.It is a sad news for all that Facebook messenger stop their service for Windows desktop and dedicated service for firefox. Facebook messenger for windows now stop from 3rd March.
                   Facebook messenger for windows was launched two years ago,but now Facebook messenger will not run on Windows.Now Facebook messenger on windows Phone users will be able to use.
                   Facebook messenger for windows launched in March 2012,while messenger launched for firefox in December 2012.Recently Facebook announced that Facebook stopped their email service also.
                    These all changes happen after Facebook buy WhatsApp.Its time to change many things in Facebook.

    Facebook Messenger for Firefox:-



Facebook Messenger for Windows:-


Facebook’s Achievements

Today i am here with my new post that is totally based on a social networking site called Facebook.Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg ,then he would not have thought of that in a few days Facebook will be the world’s largest social networking website.In today’s world Facebook become an integral part of everyone’s life.There are many such stories of love ,whose beginning is through Facebook .
                     In February 2004 Mark Zuckerburg along with his four friends laid the foundation of Facebook.Facebook completes 10 years in this year.Facebook celebrate 10th anniversary on 4th February.
  • In December 2004 ten million people started to use Facebook.
  • In 2005 Facebook introduce the option to share photos,which very soon became quite popular among peoples. 


  • Chat for Facebook users the option made ​​available in April 2008.
  • In July 2008, Facebook launched app for iPhone.
  • In February 2009, Facebook status to like pictures or ‘Like’ button option introduced.  
  • In May 18, 2012 was Facebook’s IPO. 
  • December 2013, according to Facebook’s nearly 6337 employees around the world wanted.  

    Facebook In 2004:



    In 2014 Facebook is a No.1 Social Networking Site :


    I think Facebook is amazing social networking site.I also like to use it.It is a good way of communication with many friends at national and also at international level.


Top Four Social Networking Websites Used In Today’s World

Today I am Here with my new post.Today i am talking about Social Networking Websites.Social networking is a way to connect peoples online.Social networking sites are used more and more in today’s world.A social networking website enables users to create public profiles on site and make relationship with other users of the same website.Top four social networking websites are as follows:
                   Facebook is the biggest social network in the western world.Facebook was developed by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.At present time Facebook’s monthly active users are 1,310,000,000.From 2012 Facebook users increases 22%.Facebook has 54,200,000 pages.Facebook is famous in all over the world at present time.Alexa rank of  Facebook is 2,compete rank is 3.
 2. Twitter:
                 Twitter is a online network that enables users to send and read tweets.Twitter is on no.2 in top seven networking websites.Twitter was launched on July 2006.In 2012 twitter has 500 million register users.Alexa rank of twitter is 9,compete rank is 30.
                 Linkedin is a world’s largest professional network.Linkedin is on no.3 in top seven social network websites.Linkedin have 259 million monthly active users.Linkedin is a famous professional network in all over the world.Alexa rank of Linkedin is 8,compete rank is 24.
                 Pinterest is also a social networking website.Pinterest is on no.4 in top seven social network websites.Pinterest is a pin board-style photo-sharing website that allows user to create and manage theme based image made collections like events,interests etc.Alexa rank of Pinterest is 26,compete rank is 40                 
social network