Google to Shut Down Gtalk on February 16

Hii Everyone Today i am here with a sad news from Google that they shut down the Gtalk on February 16 for Chrome hangout.Millions of users have been using Gtalk from long time and they feel comfortable with it.This is a sad news for all of Gtalk users,me to.But Google offer hangout for use in place of Gtalk,Hangout is the future of Google.
Every Gtalk users feel sad by hear or see this news because Gtalk was an important or easy app for use.But after five days we don’t able to use this app.Like all good things,Gtalk will become history,we all remember this useful app. Hangout is also an great app.Hangout Google wants to make instant messaging; interactive and visual appealing experience.Bye bye Gtalk we’ll always remember Gtalk as an useful App.Please share your expression in comments for this sad news.