5 Google Chrome Extensions To Rock Your Browser Experience

Everyone wants to do fast work in today’s world. I am in SEO field and I am always try to work fast on every project. To achieve this target some things are helps me a lot.These are the extensions that I have been using in my browsers.Today I am sharing some extensions of Chrome browser in my post that I have been using from a long time. I think this will help all my readers too in their work. These are as follows:

  • Google Pasty:   This is the one of the main extension that I have been using from a long time. Pasty is very simple multiple URL opener. This extension helps in open multiple tabs by a single click. You only need to copy URL and after copy when you will click on this extension all URL will open.

          Download Pasty

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager: Last pass extension is an award winning password manger. This is an another popular extension that I have been using. This extension saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. You only need to create an free account on it.

          Download Lastpass

  • SeoQuake Lite: SeoQuake Lite is an extension that is mostly used for SEO work. SeoQuake Lite displays the Google Page Rank and Alexa rank of any web pages in your browser. It also shows no-follow links. I have been using this extension for my research work.

          Download SeoQuake Lite

Google Chrome Extensions By Boost ORM
Google Chrome Extensions
  • Copy All Urls: This is another extension that I have been using from a long time. This extension helps in copy all open URL in your browser by single click. You can copy URL in four formats: Text, HTML, JSON and custom format. This also work same as pasty. You can open multiple URL by this extension also.

          Download Copy All Urls

  • Google Chrome Dual View: This extension also new for me also. But this is really an amazing extension. This extension enables us to view two different web pages in a single tab. A single tab will break from the middle and you can see two different sites side by side. I have been using this for my research work.

          Download Dual View plugin

These all extensions are very helpful to me. And I hope this will also help for you also. Please share your reviews on these extensions and also share other extensions that you have been using, in comments.