Tumblr Update 2017 – Hindi Language Setting Option for Indian Users

As we all know that Tumblr is a microblogging website and social media platform that is now owned by Yahoo. Tumblr was created by 2 web developers David Karp and Marco Arment. Tumblr was launched in Feb 2007 from New York. It had surpassed 345 million blog accounts in April 2017. Tumblr is also a popular platform for online fandom discussions regarding music, movies and TV shows. It is easy to use and simple for people to make a blog. You can add stories, photos, quotes, links , audio and video files in your blog on tumblr.

They are providing both free and premium themes for blogs. You can follow other blogs also on tumblr, once you follow a blog, all of its posts show up in your dashboard. You can like, reblog, add comment on their posts. So other peoples also like, comment and reblog your posts also. So in that way you meet people on tumblr.

Tumblr Update 2017
Tumblr Update 2017

I am also using Tumblr from 3 years and found it a great platform for blogging. When I was logged into it today then I saw a notification on top that you can choose Hindi language setting option also in Tumblr now if you are in India. You can change your language into Hindi from Settings page. You can use below mentioned steps for that:

1. Click on Edit Appearance.
2. Scroll down to language option.
3. Select Hindi language.

By using these steps you can change you setting language to Hindi.

It is a great news to all Indian Tumblr users, which can’t understand English language. Now they can also use Tumblr easily in Hindi language. And I am sure after that Indian Tumblr users will increase. I am waiting for your reviews on that news in comments. Share your opinions in comments. Thanks for reading.

Blogger Privacy And Pemissions

Hii Everyone today i am here with my new post about Blogging.Blogging is an popular process in Today’s world of internet.But their is so many techniques that makes the blogging more easy,simple,unique and private also.Today i will also discuss a technique that makes blogging private.Everyone know that our blog is by defaullt public,means anyone can read it on the internet.But if you want to make it private then blogger also provide this option for you.For this you can simply follow these steps:

Step-1:-Login to your blogger account.

Step-2:-Go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic.

Step-3:- Under Permissions category you can find Blog Readers section.

Blogger Privacy
Step-4:- In this section you have to choose private option that you want and you are done.You can add readers by Add Readers button here by enter the email of the person.See the image above.

By these simple steps you can make your blog private for yourself or for your friends also.By click on “Add Readers” button you can add multiple emails separated by commas to add multiple peoples.Each address entered by you take an access to your blog.I hope this post helps many bloggers in blogging.If you have any query or suggestion then you are welcome in comments.

Post on Blogger By Simple Send An Email

Hiii Welcome all of you my new blogger page “Blogging Techniques” .Today i am here with my new blog post that is on blogging.In early in the morning when i log on my blogger profile for posting a post then i found this amazing Blogging technique for post on blogger.By this simple technique we are able to post on blogger by only send an email to your blogger email.For this simply follow these steps:

Step1-Login to your Blogger Account.

Step2-Go to Your Blogger Dashboard  > Settings.

Step3-In Settings click on Mobile and email.

Step4-Click on Posting using email.Set you email address and Select  “Publish email immediately”.See the image below.

You are done.Now you can send email to your blogger email address(that is set by you),your post appears on your blog. This is an amazing technique for post on blogger when you are busy,and you have no time for personally post on blog.I hope this post helps all bloggers in posting.So please also share your Blogging techniques in comments.