Build Your Empire University – What is it all about?

Build Your Empire University Review and behind the scenes walkthrough video, where I can really cover the outline of what’s included when you join Build Your Empire University, to familiarize you with how the membership area looks. Enjoy!
Build Your Empire University (BYEU): Learn how to start an online career in the next 30 days for just $1 for a 7 days all-access trial. How to go from A-Z from never working online before, to making online sales with ease. Learn things like entrepreneurship, social media marketing, a proven business blueprint, and a step by step process to get your first online sales and learn to find your niche, and how to get in front of those people with a compelling offer, using the exact steps so many of our students have implemented to grow their businesses, allowing them to live life on their terms.

build your empire university review
Step 1: ENTREPRENEURSHIP. This is something that you can learn and implement right NOW. You will discover the different ways to earn an online income, and what’s been working best for us for the last 7+ years. Even if you already have an online business don’t skip this, you’ll hear from Adrian Wesley an incredible Hypnotherapist, and he shares some value bombs!
Step 2: DISCOVERING YOUR WHY. The reality is that you can’t just be successful, and have a thriving business overnight. You need to program for success and it all starts with you. Understanding exactly where you are right now, and where you want to be. It will allow you to have huge breakthroughs and clarity. So this means that in 6 months from doing now, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come. This stage is crucial for you to be able to really make an income from the internet. I know this sounds a bit obvious, but those with clear reasons why, set foundations, and understandings of all they want, and a path of how to get there will succeed much more than those that don’t. You owe it to yourself to be all in.
Step 3: BUSINESS BLUEPRINT. This module breaks down exactly how all of our BYEU community have started their online careers by breaking down a business model from a man responsible for over $100 Million in sales Balasz Kardos. Be open-minded, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see inside BYEU
Step 4: 30 Day Sprint. This part is the real gold for you, once you’ve decided an online career is for you, and you have a clear business model to allow you to get the lifestyle and income levels you desire. It’s time to learn just how to start getting results as fast as possible. The 30 day sprint was designed to give you all the tools and training required to take you from a complete beginner to making your first sales online within 30 days.
There will be new skills to learn, it’s not all going to be plain sailing, and you’re not going to get rich overnight, but if you apply yourself, and do what we teach, and fully apply yourself without excuses. You’ll gain momentum and cause and effect will take over. Your results will compound from doing the right actions daily.
Step 5: UPGRADE YOUR PEER GROUP. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, if they aren’t doing the things you aspire to do, they aren’t earning the money you want, they aren’t travelling as you want, they don’t have the type of house you want, etc… It’s time to upgrade your peer group and to join people that are doing exactly what it is that you want, and are where you want to be. Join a peer group that celebrates your wins, and helps you to do the right things, and stops you from making costly mistakes that others have already been through allowing to you skip the steep learning curve.


In order for you to level up in life and to thrive with an online career, working from anywhere in the world with your laptop or smartphone. You need to know that the things that got you to where you are today aren’t going to get you where you want to be. You need to upgrade your peer group, get a mentor and have a proven blueprint to success online.
To get started with Build Your Empire University, you can reach me at the following or 
Or you can watch how to start and create a successful online career in less than 30 days without a social media following, any technical skills, or any previous experience here –

Tumblr Update 2017 – Hindi Language Setting Option for Indian Users

As we all know that Tumblr is a microblogging website and social media platform that is now owned by Yahoo. Tumblr was created by 2 web developers David Karp and Marco Arment. Tumblr was launched in Feb 2007 from New York. It had surpassed 345 million blog accounts in April 2017. Tumblr is also a popular platform for online fandom discussions regarding music, movies and TV shows. It is easy to use and simple for people to make a blog. You can add stories, photos, quotes, links , audio and video files in your blog on tumblr.

They are providing both free and premium themes for blogs. You can follow other blogs also on tumblr, once you follow a blog, all of its posts show up in your dashboard. You can like, reblog, add comment on their posts. So other peoples also like, comment and reblog your posts also. So in that way you meet people on tumblr.

Tumblr Update 2017
Tumblr Update 2017

I am also using Tumblr from 3 years and found it a great platform for blogging. When I was logged into it today then I saw a notification on top that you can choose Hindi language setting option also in Tumblr now if you are in India. You can change your language into Hindi from Settings page. You can use below mentioned steps for that:

1. Click on Edit Appearance.
2. Scroll down to language option.
3. Select Hindi language.

By using these steps you can change you setting language to Hindi.

It is a great news to all Indian Tumblr users, which can’t understand English language. Now they can also use Tumblr easily in Hindi language. And I am sure after that Indian Tumblr users will increase. I am waiting for your reviews on that news in comments. Share your opinions in comments. Thanks for reading.

5 Keys to Managing your Online Reputation in Google Search

Good online reputation is important for a business to grow fast. According to a research average online user spends 50% time on social media. Almost all of your potential customers use the internet to check your company reviews before they decide to use your service or make a purchase. Your website would be the last place your customers go to find out more about you and your company. So you need to take care of your reviews first. You need to understand how your customers are using the web. Peoples are giving higher value to opinions of other customers or reviews rather than what you say about your brand. Now the question is how can you manage your brand’s online reputation?

Here are five quick and easy steps to manage your brand’s online reputation:

Google Yourself or Your Business

It is the first step to check your online reputation on search engines. Check which links are showing on SERP when you are searching for your name or business name. Is there any negative link which hurting your brand’s online reputation? If so, take action to remove that or push down it. You can hire a reputation management company in India also for that.

Respond to People Rapidly

If you or your business have social media presence, people except you to be social responsive. When customers reach out to you on social media, they except a quick response from you regarding their queries. This will make your online reputation more strong.

 Online Reputation in Google Search
Reputation Management Company India

Ask for Google/Yelp Reviews

As I told above that all of your potential customers check your company reviews first before any deal with you or your business. You need to ask each client for review on Google + and Yelp as they because they show up in search results. Positive reviews also improve your rating and online reputation.

Make Your or Your Company Profiles on Popular Websites

You can make your or your company profiles on most popular websites like Crunchbase, Medium and Behance etc. which will help you to push down the negative link. After that you need to update these profiles daily with quality content. For this you can hire a link building service provider for that also.

Respond to Criticism

Negative feedback and reviews mostly affect your brand reputation. The best way to manage these is by reacting rapidly. A quick response means that you can take care of your consumers and you are resolved to make their involvement with your business a smooth one.

These are the five effective ways to manage your online reputation. I hope these will help you a lot. If you want any help please free to contact with me.

Google Has Dropped The Google Plus Link From Google Services

Have you notice this big change?

I have been noticed this change when I was trying to click on my name on top right in Gmail.I have found that the Plus sign has been removed form front of my name.Then I have make a research for the same and found that Google has dropped the Google plus link from the Gmail. This is also for other services such as YouTube,Docs and Google too. Google has also remove the hyperlink to the Google plus.
Google Has Dropped The Google Plus Link
Now we can login through grid menu only:
Grid Menu
I think this is an big change and this will effects us in future.On other side Google Plus executive
Bradley Horowitz says in his interview when some one ask him:
Is Google Plus dead?
“No, Google Plus is not dead,” “In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”
What you are think about this and will this effects you,please share your views in comments.

5 Google Chrome Extensions To Rock Your Browser Experience

Everyone wants to do fast work in today’s world. I am in SEO field and I am always try to work fast on every project. To achieve this target some things are helps me a lot.These are the extensions that I have been using in my browsers.Today I am sharing some extensions of Chrome browser in my post that I have been using from a long time. I think this will help all my readers too in their work. These are as follows:

  • Google Pasty:   This is the one of the main extension that I have been using from a long time. Pasty is very simple multiple URL opener. This extension helps in open multiple tabs by a single click. You only need to copy URL and after copy when you will click on this extension all URL will open.

          Download Pasty

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager: Last pass extension is an award winning password manger. This is an another popular extension that I have been using. This extension saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. You only need to create an free account on it.

          Download Lastpass

  • SeoQuake Lite: SeoQuake Lite is an extension that is mostly used for SEO work. SeoQuake Lite displays the Google Page Rank and Alexa rank of any web pages in your browser. It also shows no-follow links. I have been using this extension for my research work.

          Download SeoQuake Lite

Google Chrome Extensions By Boost ORM
Google Chrome Extensions
  • Copy All Urls: This is another extension that I have been using from a long time. This extension helps in copy all open URL in your browser by single click. You can copy URL in four formats: Text, HTML, JSON and custom format. This also work same as pasty. You can open multiple URL by this extension also.

          Download Copy All Urls

  • Google Chrome Dual View: This extension also new for me also. But this is really an amazing extension. This extension enables us to view two different web pages in a single tab. A single tab will break from the middle and you can see two different sites side by side. I have been using this for my research work.

          Download Dual View plugin

These all extensions are very helpful to me. And I hope this will also help for you also. Please share your reviews on these extensions and also share other extensions that you have been using, in comments.

Importance of Backlinks In SEO : Quality Backlinks

SEO is a process for rank a website higher in search engines.SEO is essential for all type of websites for better rank.I think SEO is the basic need for a website.SEO process further divided in to two categories that is ON page SEO and OFF Page SEO.In this post I am going you to explain about the Backlinks.Backlinks are comes under Off page technique.I think backlinks are the most important part of our SEO startegies.
What determines your position on search engine results pages (SERPs)? 
“Its not anything you put on the site, but rather how well you convince others to link to you.”
I am talking about only quality backlinks not about all links that your site have.Now a question comes in everyone’s mind that :
What is quality backlinks?
“A quality backlink is the backlink that is connect to your website using your keywords or a single keyword phrase.And the main thing is it needs to be appear on a website that have similar content topic like yours.”
I think quality backlinks helps so much a website to rank fast on search engines.Now I am going to discuss the techniques from where we can get quality backlinks.Some of these are as follows:
1.Article Marketing
2.Press Releases.
3.Guest Blogging.
4.Blog Commenting.
5.Link Exchange.
6.Blog Commenting.
7.Document Sharing.
8.Profile Links (High PR sites)
I am using all these techniques.But I like blog commenting technique so much.And I am going to explain this technique with you step by step:
Firstly we need to make query according to our search term.Suppose we need to find blog comments sites for “web design” keyphrase.Example of query for this search term: “web design” “Leave A Reply” “url” “[1..1000 comments]”
We can make many queries like this according to our requirement.We need to search this query on or any Google according to country.From this you can get all posts related to your topic.The another way which one I am using is this site you can search your topic in search box and you can get latest post related to your topic from all over the world.But keep in mind your comment would related to the post where will you do a comment.What do you think about Backlinks :Are they important or not? Please share your reviews in comments.

Windows 10 Release Date,Specification :Everything You Need to Know

Hii Everyone I am here again with my new post which is related to a recent update from Microsoft.I have got a news that Microsoft going to release Windows 10 in July 2015.Windows 10 is a upcoming operating system that is developed by Microsoft.Microsoft is an American multinational technology company as you all know.Microsoft have stopped Windows XP support from 8th April also.But now they comes with an updated version and I think it will be an advanced version and all users will get lot of benefits from it.When I have got this news then I have make a search on it and found that this upgrade will free for Windows 7/8.1 users which are confirmed from the company for the first year.Take a look on technical preview of Windows 10:

Windows 10
Windows 10’s user interface is an evolution of Window 8’s.Windows 10 add a revision of the desktop start menu and a virtual desktop system.Windows 10 will introduce new technologies in it.The main feature it will contains in it,it can harmonizing user experiences and functionality between different classes of devices.Windows 10 will be available in seven main editions.These editions are as follows:
1.Windows 10 Home
2.Windows 10 Pro
3.Windows 10 Enterprise
4.Windows 10 Education
5.Windows 10 Mobile
6.Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
7.Windows 10 IoT Core
These all editions consist different features in them.I am exited to use Windows 10.You can also share your reviews in comments.

Get Ready For Google’s Next Update “Mobilegeddon”

Hii today i am here with a latest news that is important for all webmasters.Google recently announce that from 21st April they are expanding their use of mobile friendliness like a ranking signal.This change is called “Mobilegeddon”.This major change will affect mobile searches worldwide and little bit our search results also affected by this.From April 21, sites that are not mobile friendly rank lower in search results then  other sites which are mobile friendly.If your site is not mobile friendly and your competitor’s site is mobile friendly then your competitor gain more ranking then your site,because mobile searches won’t be able to find you easily.

mobile freindly
Now a  question arise in everyone’s mind that “how can i check my site is mobile friendly or not?”.The answer for this question is a tool “Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool” from here you can check that your site or a webpage is mobile friendly or not.But this tool is only test or analyze a single page or URL at a time.If you want to check a large site then you can use Google webmaster Tools.Google webmaster tool provide you details analysis for your site.I think that if a business wants to keep their presence on Google’s search then it is important that their website is mobile friendly or not.It is the time to do mobile friendly SEO as well as traditional SEO.Use different content for both versions beacuse you already know that content is the king for SEO.Please share your views in comments i am waiting for your views.

Google to Shut Down Gtalk on February 16

Hii Everyone Today i am here with a sad news from Google that they shut down the Gtalk on February 16 for Chrome hangout.Millions of users have been using Gtalk from long time and they feel comfortable with it.This is a sad news for all of Gtalk users,me to.But Google offer hangout for use in place of Gtalk,Hangout is the future of Google.
Every Gtalk users feel sad by hear or see this news because Gtalk was an important or easy app for use.But after five days we don’t able to use this app.Like all good things,Gtalk will become history,we all remember this useful app. Hangout is also an great app.Hangout Google wants to make instant messaging; interactive and visual appealing experience.Bye bye Gtalk we’ll always remember Gtalk as an useful App.Please share your expression in comments for this sad news.

Blogger Privacy And Pemissions

Hii Everyone today i am here with my new post about Blogging.Blogging is an popular process in Today’s world of internet.But their is so many techniques that makes the blogging more easy,simple,unique and private also.Today i will also discuss a technique that makes blogging private.Everyone know that our blog is by defaullt public,means anyone can read it on the internet.But if you want to make it private then blogger also provide this option for you.For this you can simply follow these steps:

Step-1:-Login to your blogger account.

Step-2:-Go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic.

Step-3:- Under Permissions category you can find Blog Readers section.

Blogger Privacy
Step-4:- In this section you have to choose private option that you want and you are done.You can add readers by Add Readers button here by enter the email of the person.See the image above.

By these simple steps you can make your blog private for yourself or for your friends also.By click on “Add Readers” button you can add multiple emails separated by commas to add multiple peoples.Each address entered by you take an access to your blog.I hope this post helps many bloggers in blogging.If you have any query or suggestion then you are welcome in comments.