Google Has Dropped The Google Plus Link From Google Services

Have you notice this big change?

I have been noticed this change when I was trying to click on my name on top right in Gmail.I have found that the Plus sign has been removed form front of my name.Then I have make a research for the same and found that Google has dropped the Google plus link from the Gmail. This is also for other services such as YouTube,Docs and Google too. Google has also remove the hyperlink to the Google plus.
Google Has Dropped The Google Plus Link
Now we can login through grid menu only:
Grid Menu
I think this is an big change and this will effects us in future.On other side Google Plus executive
Bradley Horowitz says in his interview when some one ask him:
Is Google Plus dead?
“No, Google Plus is not dead,” “In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”
What you are think about this and will this effects you,please share your views in comments.