Windows 10 Release Date,Specification :Everything You Need to Know

Hii Everyone I am here again with my new post which is related to a recent update from Microsoft.I have got a news that Microsoft going to release Windows 10 in July 2015.Windows 10 is a upcoming operating system that is developed by Microsoft.Microsoft is an American multinational technology company as you all know.Microsoft have stopped Windows XP support from 8th April also.But now they comes with an updated version and I think it will be an advanced version and all users will get lot of benefits from it.When I have got this news then I have make a search on it and found that this upgrade will free for Windows 7/8.1 users which are confirmed from the company for the first year.Take a look on technical preview of Windows 10:

Windows 10
Windows 10’s user interface is an evolution of Window 8’s.Windows 10 add a revision of the desktop start menu and a virtual desktop system.Windows 10 will introduce new technologies in it.The main feature it will contains in it,it can harmonizing user experiences and functionality between different classes of devices.Windows 10 will be available in seven main editions.These editions are as follows:
1.Windows 10 Home
2.Windows 10 Pro
3.Windows 10 Enterprise
4.Windows 10 Education
5.Windows 10 Mobile
6.Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
7.Windows 10 IoT Core
These all editions consist different features in them.I am exited to use Windows 10.You can also share your reviews in comments.