Get Ready For Google’s Next Update “Mobilegeddon”

Hii today i am here with a latest news that is important for all webmasters.Google recently announce that from 21st April they are expanding their use of mobile friendliness like a ranking signal.This change is called “Mobilegeddon”.This major change will affect mobile searches worldwide and little bit our search results also affected by this.From April 21, sites that are not mobile friendly rank lower in search results then  other sites which are mobile friendly.If your site is not mobile friendly and your competitor’s site is mobile friendly then your competitor gain more ranking then your site,because mobile searches won’t be able to find you easily.

mobile freindly
Now a  question arise in everyone’s mind that “how can i check my site is mobile friendly or not?”.The answer for this question is a tool “Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool” from here you can check that your site or a webpage is mobile friendly or not.But this tool is only test or analyze a single page or URL at a time.If you want to check a large site then you can use Google webmaster Tools.Google webmaster tool provide you details analysis for your site.I think that if a business wants to keep their presence on Google’s search then it is important that their website is mobile friendly or not.It is the time to do mobile friendly SEO as well as traditional SEO.Use different content for both versions beacuse you already know that content is the king for SEO.Please share your views in comments i am waiting for your views.