MIcrosoft to end Windows XP Support

Today i am here with my new post that is totally based on Windows XP.Microsoft support windows XP from 12 years.From 8th April Microsoft stop this support.If your computer’s O.S.[Operating System] is Windows XP then be careful.If you got a virus in Windows XP you will not get help from next month.
                                                        From next month Microsoft not provide any updated software for Windows XP.Microsoft  support this O.S. from 12 years,generally this is not more than five years for any technology.At present there are 40 billion companies which are working on Windows XP based PC.Most of the customers move for Windows 7 or Windows 8.At present Banks and public companies working with Windows XP but in future there will be much trouble.At present Microsoft have three operating system and Microsoft becoming difficulty to support all of three.From 8th April Microsoft would withdraw from the system and hackers hack Windows XP based systems easily.So be careful about this.