Top Four Social Networking Websites Used In Today’s World

Today I am Here with my new post.Today i am talking about Social Networking Websites.Social networking is a way to connect peoples online.Social networking sites are used more and more in today’s world.A social networking website enables users to create public profiles on site and make relationship with other users of the same website.Top four social networking websites are as follows:
                   Facebook is the biggest social network in the western world.Facebook was developed by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.At present time Facebook’s monthly active users are 1,310,000,000.From 2012 Facebook users increases 22%.Facebook has 54,200,000 pages.Facebook is famous in all over the world at present time.Alexa rank of  Facebook is 2,compete rank is 3.
 2. Twitter:
                 Twitter is a online network that enables users to send and read tweets.Twitter is on no.2 in top seven networking websites.Twitter was launched on July 2006.In 2012 twitter has 500 million register users.Alexa rank of twitter is 9,compete rank is 30.
                 Linkedin is a world’s largest professional network.Linkedin is on no.3 in top seven social network websites.Linkedin have 259 million monthly active users.Linkedin is a famous professional network in all over the world.Alexa rank of Linkedin is 8,compete rank is 24.
                 Pinterest is also a social networking website.Pinterest is on no.4 in top seven social network websites.Pinterest is a pin board-style photo-sharing website that allows user to create and manage theme based image made collections like events,interests etc.Alexa rank of Pinterest is 26,compete rank is 40                 
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